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This 18 minute DVD explores the energy healing modality called Therapeutic Touch™. Teachers, health care professionals, registered practitioners and recipients share personal and professional stories that enlighten, inspire and uplift the human spirit.

The Therapeutic Touch™ DVD is $27.00 plus HST and postage. An invoice will be sent with your order. Cheques or money orders accepted.


Please contact us to submit your order.


"I loved the DVD! Having worked at CBC for 39 years, I appreciate all the fine production elements

within this very fine video." - Paula Neilson

"Thank you. It is a beautiful video and tells the "story" of Therapeutic Touch so well. I'll be using it in all my classes." - Alison T. Cooke, Teacher

"The DVD has been enjoyed by students, friends and family. I find it inspiring each and every time!"

- Marilyn Sun


"Thank you so much for making this DVD. I enjoyed the scope of the interviews and information shared, along with the seamless flow of Therapeutic Touch™ being offered throughout." - Lynn Vukosavljevic  BNSc, RN,


"Thank you for producing this wonderful DVD! I expect to use it a lot. An exceptional job

of presenting TT in a simple, easy to follow manner." - Maureen Smith RNRP

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